XZAKA is a Motivational Athletic Wear Brand.  Our wearable, motivational affirmations are designed to support, encourage and bring out inspired greatness and the awesome achievement potential in you.    

XZAKA represents the process of individual achievement and our mantra is

  • "Say it.  Believe it!  Do the work!  Become!"
  • "Say it.  Believe it!  Do the work!  Become!" 
  • "Say it.  Believe it!  Do the work!  Become!"  
  • "Say it.  Believe it!  Do the work!  Become!"

XZAKA motivational T-Shirts and Hoodies are designed for ordinary people who believe they can achieve extraordinary things. You could be an athlete or an "athlete-at-heart," anybody who wants to experience the empowerment of encouraging themselves and become an inspiration as they pursue their personal dreams and lifestyle goals.  

We believe that there is no greater human power than when we begin to will ourselves to do what we have set in our imaginations. When we have made up our minds to accomplish our goals or dreams, it is important to actively engage our “self-talk” along the journey and encourage ourselves to get to the finish line.

The word XZAKA is a three-part construct (X)   (Z)  (AKA)

(X) represents our unique individual dream; the thing we want so badly, that we are willing to do whatever it takes to get there. (X) is the unknown factor; the thing to be worked out; the thing we see in our mind but cannot touch as yet; the thing to be solved.

(Z) Represents the working; the journey through the process of achievement; the challenges against complacency, procrastination and giving in to tiredness, ease, sleep and the lack of consistency.   Will you get up early to train?  Will you do the extra work after practice has ended?  Will you fight to get to the end goal or will you choose to sleep and fold your hands to rest, while pulling some “Zzzzzzzees?” (Z) is the stage where there is an ongoing battle to give in to your comfort zone.  It is the obstacle-course section of the journey to great achievement. It will test you and reveal if you have what it takes to get to the finish line of that journey.

AKA) – is the acronym for “Also Known As.”  When you have gotten to the finish line, the glory is yours. You’ve solved your (X). You’ve managed your (Z),  and now you emerge, you "Become(AKA) – “Also Known As Victor, Champion, Overcomer, Achiever, Graduate, Olympian! The process is complete. Now you Represent! 

We design clothing with positive affirmations for inspiring individuals to intentionally experience the power of encouraging themselves, in the pursuit of their unique goals and dreams. We Never Give Up.  "Say it.  Believe it!  Do the work!  Become!"