About It's OON

It’s OON (pronounced 'ON') is an online abstract, art-based, motivational, t-shirt and merchandise business which started with a purpose of bringing value to a collection of rudimentary drawings done by four young children.   In order to demonstrate what is possible, if the creative potential of the simple drawings were seriously explored, the collection of drawings are being utilized as the raw material and graphic foundation upon which a line of consumer goods are being designed, manufactured and sold in the marketplace. There's a life lesson here for the young and the young at heart. Never believe when people tell you have nothing. God has given us a measure of individual creativity to change the direction of our lives and inspire others along our journey.   We thank you in advance, for your support. Please tell a friend to check us out.  Thanks Much!

The Visionary...
My name is Learie John Fraser, artist, visionary and an acknowledged "one of the crazy ones”- wild, creative thinkers.  I was born in Trinidad and Tobago and attended Queens Royal College at which I earned a distinction in Art.  I hold an Associates Degree in Graphic Arts (NY Tech, Brooklyn) and a BBA in Marketing & Advertising (Baruch College, NYC).  I believe if God gives you a measure of creative talent or ability and he gives you a vision that involves that talent or ability, it becomes a mandate and that is where your success lies. You must use it - take it and run with it!   But!...There's always a buttt!  In sharing my idea, friends have remarked "You've got nothing!" & “That’s a silly idea.” My answer was, "okay... "it's OON!!!Let me show you what I can do with "Nothing"  BTWOON is an acronym for Out Of Nothing.
The Scoop...

Three months before I found myself unemployed, broke and worrying constantly about how the bills will be paid, my 5 year old son, Anson, had done a drawing on a piece of brown paper at school. He bought it home and said “Dad I did a drawing for you.”  I took off the rubber band, unrolled the drawing and was amused at his enthusiasm and innocence. I noticed he spelled his name incorrectly (ANOSN for ANSON) and smiled.  In respect for his effort, I thanked him for the gift and to show my appreciation, I took some scotch tape and mounted the picture on a bedroom wall.

As I sat on the edge of the bed, worrying about how broke I was that early April morning, I lifted up my head and focused on the drawing Anson had given me and I saw something I had not seen before.  At the bottom, left hand corner of the drawing, there was an outline figure that I did not remember seeing before.  The figure reminded me of a sculpture and as I got up to take a closer look, I thought, “This will look great on a t-shirt.”  “I could start a t-shirt business with this.” 

The next day, I told Anson I wanted him to do more drawings - just like the one on the wall. His two older sisters also started doing similar drawings and I began experimenting with screen printed images, appliqués and other media.

As my mind began to buzz with ideas, I drew up a simple plan.  Copyright the images the children had done and use the images as a design base around which a line of consumer products would be developed and sold in the marketplace. The capital raised from the sale of the products will provide fund for the children’s college expenses.  This was an awesome life lesson as it provided a dynamic opportunity to demonstrate the power of creative thinking and to learn how much more constructive it is to look at what one has, than to become despondent over what we do not have. I thought “This should boost their self-esteem and give them a healthy dose of self-importance.” I also thought about the positive, inspirational impact the effort could have in the lives of others in our community at large.

It was a great concept but it went cold because of an unwelcomed divorce.  It has been over 25 years but ‘this thing’ keeps gnawing at my soul, beating me up in my spirit and commanding me to "DO IT!." A little voice is telling me "Pour out and empty the unique, individual creativity residing in your head. Reveal it to the world and inspire someone along the way!!"  And,... I cannot rest.  So now, it's OON!   

"Out of One - Many! / Out Of Nothing - Something of Value!" LJF