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About It's OON

Introducing It's OON: Unleashing the Power of Creativity!

Welcome to It's OON (pronounced 'ON'), an online abstract, art-based, motivational t-shirt and merchandise business. But it's so much more than that. It all began with a vision to transform rudimentary drawings by four young children into valuable creations. We wanted to showcase what's possible when we wholeheartedly explore the creative potential within us. These drawings have now become the foundation for a line of consumer goods that we design, manufacture, and offer in the marketplace. And there's a profound life lesson here, for both the young and the young at heart.

Never let anyone tell you that you have nothing. We firmly believe that each of us possesses a measure of individual creativity bestowed upon us by a higher power. It's that very creativity that has the power to change the trajectory of our lives and inspire others along our journey. We are immensely grateful for your support, and we encourage you to share the word with your friends. Together, we can make a difference. Thank you!

Allow us to introduce the visionary behind It's OON, Learie John Fraser. As an artist, a visionary, and one of those "crazy ones," Learie's passion for creative thinking knows no bounds. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, he earned a distinction in Art from Queens Royal College. With an Associates Degree in Graphic Arts from NY Tech, Brooklyn, and a BBA in Marketing & Advertising from Baruch College, NYC, Learie understands the power of combining creativity and vision for true success. When God grants you creative talent and a vision aligned with that talent, it becomes a mandate, and that's where your path to success lies. Embrace it, run with it, and watch the magic unfold!

Now, let's delve into the backstory. It all began one day when Learie's five-year-old son, Anson, excitedly presented him with a drawing on a piece of brown paper. As Learie unrolled it, he couldn't help but be charmed by Anson's enthusiasm and innocence. Anson had misspelled his name (ANOSN instead of ANSON), but Learie appreciated the gesture and decided to display the drawing on his bedroom wall, securing it with scotch tape.

On a fateful April morning, as Learie sat on the edge of his bed, plagued by financial worries, he glanced up at the drawing. To his surprise, he noticed a previously unseen outline figure in the bottom left corner—a sculpture-like shape that sparked an idea. "This would look fantastic on a t-shirt," he thought. The notion of starting a t-shirt business began to take shape.

Learie asked Anson to create more drawings like the one on the wall, and his two older sisters joined in. With their drawings as the foundation, Learie experimented with screen printing, appliqués, and various media. Excitement filled his mind as he drafted a simple plan: copyright the children's images and develop a line of consumer products inspired by their art, with the proceeds supporting their future college expenses. This incredible journey became a powerful life lesson, emphasizing the importance of embracing what we have and finding constructive value in it. Not only did it boost the children's self-esteem, but it also had the potential to inspire the entire community.

Sadly, life's challenges intervened, and the concept went dormant due to an unwelcome divorce. But the fire within Learie never died out. For over 25 years, this idea has continued to gnaw at his soul, urging him to take action. A little voice persists, urging him to pour out the unique creativity residing within his mind and share it with the world, inspiring others along the way. And he cannot rest. Hence, It's OON—Out of One, Many! Out of Nothing, Something of Value!

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we tap into the limitless power of creativity and transform "nothing" into something truly remarkable. Together, we can make a difference. Peace!